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Design inspired by Rami Ismail's presskit()!

Press Kits, Purrfected.

All of your press, influencer and content-creator assets, in one place!

We take the games industry's best-practices, and give you easy-to-use tools and templates to create an effective press kit – completely for free – that tells your unique story and helps you gets you coverage!

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Free hosting on impress.games with your Unique URL, your Press Kit is always available when it's needed!

Supports all form factors from tiny mobiles to the big screen too!

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Uniquely yours.

Add your screenshots, trailers, descriptions and other content – or import from Steam – and off you go!

And with custom backgrounds, fonts and styles, you can make your Press Kit look uniquely yours. Coming Soon

...and more!


Integrate seamlessly into Google Analytics. Use UTM tags to identify prospects that visit your Press Kit!

  Games Studios Included!

You can set up a Press Kit for your company or studio too! Wicked! You wouldn't want to be missing your backstory!


We share our wins, roast eachother's Press Kits, and chat about all things in promotion — to help each other out!

  Brand Guidelines

List your font styles, color palettes, thumbnail templates and brand guidelines! Everything a content-creator could ever ask for!

  Awards & Pullquotes!

Celebrate your work by including all your awards and press pullquotes.

Automatically include Coverage Bot content too! Coming Soon!


We don't believe in vendor lock-in – take your Press Kit anywhere! Export as HTML, PDF, JSON, or even to Rami Ismail's presskit()! Coming Soon!


Just as we've done with Coverage Bot, we will work closely with users to define our development roadmap, as well as to ensure 100% satisfaction! Yes! Join us!



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Loved By

Evan Sapienza
Evan Sapienza
Co-Founder of Sappy Game Studio

It was incredibly easy to set up our press kit for our game The Outer Zone using Press Kitty. We're a small team so being able to have a robust and professional press kit ready to go in less than hour was fantastic. Press Kitty allows us to spend less time managing our press kit and more time developing our game.

What more could you ask for?

Renee Gittins
Renee Gittins
CEO of Stumbling Cat

Press Kitty is an extremely useful and straightforward press kit creation tool. The previous kit system I used required fighting with PHP, which was a struggle to maintain. Press Kitty made it extremely easy to set up a beautiful, readable, and standardized press kit for Potions: A Curious Tale.

And updating with new key art and descriptions has been just as smooth!

Braxton Brakefield
Braxton Brakefield
Founder of Space Kraken Studios

Press Kitty was a great way to get a press kit made quickly and easily for Squeebing Up the Tower of Friendship, especially when I've never made a press kit before...

Press Kitty showed me exactly what to include!

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