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What is a video game press kit?

A video game press kit is a resource, created for a video game, that collates all relevant PR & marketing material into one single destination. This can come in the form of a website, a collection of files in the cloud, or in some cases, even a physical boxed deliverable!

Why do you need a video game press kit?

If you're looking to officially announce your game to press and creators, a press kit is truly your best foot forward. It's designed to contain all of your promotional assets (trailers and screenshots), brand guidelines (logos, fonts, thumbnails), flavour texts, credits and contacts, and really anything else that can help deliver your game's unique hook and back-story.

With an easy-to-digest resource including everything a journalist or content creator might need to consider your game, you are more likely to secure press coverage and activate organic creator-partnerships. You considerably increase your likelihood of reaching your audience, viral word-of-mouth effects kicking in, and concluding your game's promotional campaign as a success.

Word to the wise: Without a central repository to communicate a consistent brand message, people will use any old assets from Google, they will miss your embargo dates, and they will go above and beyond in creative ways to get their job done, badly. You really don't want that!

Where to find examples or templates of video game press kits?

You've landed on the right page! Scroll up to find a number of great examples of video game press kits!

When to make a video game press kit?

The best time to make a press kit for your indie game is "any time before you have announced it". You will want it to be readily available for when you begin your big marketing campaign push to press and content creators.

If your game already has a Steam page available, and especially if you're participating in Steam festivals, make sure you do it today!

How to create a video game press kit?

There are many options available to create a press kit for your video game, but by far the easiest option is to use a free service called Press Kitty. You won't need any technical experience to set it up, and since it uses internet-magic to pull assets from Steam, it won't take you more than 5 minutes!

Full disclosure: we made it! We're a huge advocate for indie games and want to see games publishing democratised, so we've made it completely free!

If you're looking to further compare free press kit tools for indie games, you can read our unbiased free press kit tools comparison resource.

Why Press Kitty?

By simply registering on IMPRESS, you get access to Press Kitty, which includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, storage for all your games marketing assets, a number of built-in integrations, as well as the ability to set up a press kit for your company or team.

We're building this for the indie game developer community – we take feedback seriously – and it's trusted by ... indie games already! Join us! 😸

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