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25th July 2022

Batch Approve/Rejection Tool

Woo! The first product updates after launching! So what have we got...

A number of customers were getting A LOT of coverage coming in, and the dashboard didn't quite hit their needs with wrangling all their data. Customers could not approve/remove more than 30 items at a time, and paginating through thousands of results made this a very time-consuming process. Nobody wanted that.

So: we built a batch approve/rejection tool!

The new tool now lets you search & filter your coverage by text strings – and then from those results, let's you perform batch actions on up to 1000 items at a time! It a took a bit of fiddling with the code on our side, but it's totally worth it.

Alongside this, we have a number of other changes too.

We've made the server infrastructure more stable, we improved health checks, and we also added backfill scripts in case of any future hiccups. Lastly, we also made the Coverage Reports pipeline more robust, and reports should now generate within an hour or so.

Thanks so much to Conor and Sylvia for their suggestions!

- Ashley