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8th December 2022

Coverage Bot – Slash Commands

Now that Press Kitty is launched, for the rest of the year (and maybe a bit more) we're knuckling down on our big backlog of quality-of-life improvements. The first of which is ready for you today...

Yes! Your favourite coverage & stream tracking bot has received a new virtual processing chip – so to speak – and now supports... Discord's Slash Commands! 🎉

This update completely removes the cb!* commands prefix, improves bot setup and onboarding, limits spontaneous restarts, and generally improves performance and robustness. Oh, we also now use Discord Timestamps.

On the tech side, we had to complete rewrite the bot in TypeScript, which was a huge undertaking, and also involved changes to deployment pipelines and infrastructure! Whew!

Furthermore, we've added cloud logging to improve our monitoring and investigative capabilities, as has been necessary in the case of some very unique Discord server setups. 💪

These are the new Slash Commands:

  • /init – set up the bot in your server
  • /pending – show pending coverage queue, approve/reject coverage with new buttons!
  • /streams – show top currently live Twitch streams, with buttons to share with your community or ignore!
  • /about – show more info about Coverage Bot
  • /help – show urls for help & support

Lastly, as part of this update, we're also including Charts in Coverage Reports! and also Notifications when Coverage Reports finish generating. No more hitting refresh. Woop! 🙂

We're quite pleased with ourselves, and hope you are too. Let us know how you get on.

If you've not heard of Coverage Bot yet, you can check out the full details here!

All the best
- Ashley