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January 2021

The Realisation

My Patreon wasn't started to provide the Coverage Bot service — that was just an extra perk. The primary motive was to create interesting video content, and secondarily, of course, to help wean off from contract work.

After making a number of videos — including how to procedurally-generate puzzles, how much money Toast Time made on Switch, and a few devlogs of a new retro FPS project — I came to a realisation.

People aren't patrons because of this video content... people are patrons because of this service I am providing!

This service is bringing money in. This service is providing value! This can genuinely help people across the entire games industry!

It wasn't something I could just ignore. After juggling contracts and indie life for so long, this seemed like a path to freedom, and a path with a purpose in helping others.

It was time to redirect my focus. It was time to take this project seriously!